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With all the after Christmas break-ins, it is a great time to get a home security analysis.  Alarms are great but it can take minutes for the police to arrive after your alarm has been triggered (our neighbors had a break in and it took 45 minutes for the police to arrive!).  

Sometimes people skip the basics of lock hardware on your doors and windows.  Your lock hardware can be the bridge that stops or delays potential home invaders until the police arrive.  

Do you have deadbolts?  Do you have the right kind of deadbolts?  Do you have at correct size of screws that keep the burglars from kicking in your door?  Are your sliding glass doors and windows secure?

At Stanley Safe And Lock we will provide a home security analsis for FREE!  That is right, FREE!  It is our goal to make sure you have the correct kind of hardware so that your family is safe.

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